Linkin Park. 2pm. Timberlake. Harry Potter. The Wanted.


but can we just notice that marvin cried 5x as much for jeremy as he did for renee????


seriously though I hate the social media scores ugh some people don’t know shit about modeling so PLEASEEE leave it to the judges. shhhh bryan boy. Renee rocked that ‘flaws’ shoot ok I don’t care if fans don’t agree. the judges love it and that’s all that matters.


You’re about as necessary as Bryanboy on America’s Next Top Model.




Someone should pull a prank on Justin Bieber where he goes somewhere crowded and they hire a bunch of teenage girls to  pretend they don’t know who he is and just see how pissed off he gets

and they should ask for a picture but it turns out they want him to take a picture of them

I would pay you to let me be a part of that.

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